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Free Forex Trading Training.

After this training, You will know everything you need to know about forex, how to get started and how to trade it. 


I'm Fx.Professor

Forex Trading Expert with

6+ Years of Professional Experience.

My name is Olanrewaju Hazeez, some of you guys might know my as Fx.Professor. I am the founder of Forexlyfe, an educational company registered in the United Kingdom. Even though I reside in England, I still have strong ties with African root and I made it my mission to empower and educate young adults most especially in Africa about the financial market.I have done that successfully with hundreds of students that have found financial freedom by learning how to trade the financial market through me. I strongly believe that you won't be an exception. Due to my commitment and success, I was recently featured by top news outlet like These, Vanguard, TheNation and Thetelegraph, you will find the articles below. It was only possible because of the amount of success we have had. I have also supported my brilliant students in helping them with trading capital by funding. All these is to empower young adults in securing their financial future. 

What you will learn


  • Understand the basics of Forex trading, Terminologies

  • Learn how to read charts effectively


  • Help with Setting up a trading account

  • Insight into opportunities in forex trading


  • Learn how to Identify and execute any foreign exchange trades

What People Say

I was a complete novice before stumbling upon this training, this training completely changed my perspective about forex . With the way the country is going, I believe every young person should try learning forex which is a way of earning in foreign currency

Uche, Anambra

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Get in Touch

IG: @fx.professor



Whatsapp: +447859053376

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